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This page will be additional guidance for site functionality and "how-to" for certain features. If you do not find the answer you need. Please call/email the club for assistance or email the site administrator at

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As a member of the Tupelo Country Club, you will be preloaded into the new site will full membership access. To complete setup of your account you will need to setup your password using the instructions below.



You will get a “Welcome, Confirm Your Email” email from Tupelo Country Club

-Click “Confirm Your Email” button in that email

-It will take you to the site

-Click “Log In” on the top right of the page

-Select “Forgot Password”

-Enter your email


You will get a “Create Your New Password” email from Tupelo Country Club

-Click “Create New Password” link in that email

-Enter your new password twice

-Login using your email and your new password.



The new site allows for members to see each other and interact with each other (Follow, Message, Add to Groups etc.).

If you do not want to have this ability or want to “opt out” of member chat and having your profile visible, you will need to follow the instructions below once you are logged in.



-Make sure you are logged in to the site

-Find the member area “drop down” located in the menu list under the Facebook Icon and Shopping Cart Icon.

-Select the green down arrow

-In that drop down menu select “My Account”

-On the “My Account” page go to the bottom of the account options but before the “Contact” section and look for the line item “Profile Visibility”.

-Select the “Make Profile Private” link.

-Confirm on the pop up window that you would like to make it private.


-Although the site does allow for online ordering, this feature is currently on hold until the club approves the launch of this feature.

-Reservations can be made through the site from 48 hours or more from your desired reservation time. Reservations needed before 48 hours out will need to be made over the phone directly with the club. Reservations can be made for up to 8 guests and the area in which you are wanting to reserve must be mentioned during the reservation process (Formal, Patio, Caddy Corner etc.).





-Tee Times can be booked from Tues-Sunday each week for the current week only. If tee times are booked further in advance than this set schedule they will be voided.

-Tee Times can be made every 10 minutes

-Tee Times can include up to 5 guests

-If members are booking for other members, their member ID must be used under the “Additional Guests” Sections.

-Cart Information should be for the total number of Carts needed and then the cart plan/rental/trail etc. that is being used for the cart.



-Golf Lessons are offered according to the schedule of the instructor. All bookings are tentative until confirmed by the instructor.



-All courts are available to book within the site. When booking a tennis court, you will see all available times between all courts. Once you select a time it will show you which court numbers are available to choose from. You can also sort by tennis court number at the top before selecting a time, to see available times for just that court.


Tennis Lessons

-Tennis Lessons are offered according to the schedule of the instructor. All bookings are tentative until confirmed by the instructor.



-Pro Shop items will become available as the club allows items to be listed. Currently (as of launch), there are no items for sale within the online pro shop. We will update members as items are added.


-The Tupelo Country Club will be releasing a mobile application that will be available for all members from both the Apple & Google app stores.

-The mobile app will be released upon the approval of both Apple & Google

-The app will have the same functionality as the website

-If you do use the app, be sure to turn on automatic updates so you always have the current version

-You will also want to enable notifications so you are made aware of new items, menu updates, and current news & events at Tupelo Country Club.

Member Statements:

With the new site you will be able to view your “Member Statements” online through an external portal created and managed by Jonas (club Point of Sale software). These instructions will show you how to view your statements.



-You must be logged in to the site to begin

-Find the member area “drop down” located in the menu list under the Facebook Icon and Shopping Cart Icon.

-Select the green down arrow

-In that drop down menu select “My Account”

-Select the Green button on the “My Account” page that says “View Statements”

-You will be taken to the Jonas login screen

-On your first time using this feature, you will have to register. Only the first time, after this first time you will be able to log in directly under the Member Log In section on the Jonas page.




Registration and Login Process

Navigate to your club's login page by clicking on the Member Login link. If this is your first time logging in, you must first activate your account by registering for the website.


1. Member Registration

To register your account, click on the ‘Member Registration’ link and complete the fields within the registration form.



2. Validation

Enter your Member Number, First name and Last name exactly as they appear on your last paper statement (Note: your First name is typically in our system as your given name). 

The system will then validate whether the information entered is correct.


If the information entered does not exactly match that which is present in your club’s files, you will be unable to register. If you continue experiencing issues, please contact the club for assistance.


3. Setup Username and Password

You will then be taken to a page to set your username, password and email address (for website communication). 

The system will suggest a username (but this can be changed). It will ask you to enter and confirm a password of choice.

In the event the password is forgotten, please enter in an email address to which a ‘Reset Password’ link can be sent.

Once all fields are filled out, click on ‘Create User’ to complete the registration process.


4. Email Confirmation

Upon successful registration, an email message will be sent to the email address entered during the registration process.


Login, Log off & Forgot Password:


Login to the Club Website: 
Navigate to your club’s login page by clicking on this 'Member Login’ link, or on the link usually located in the top right-hand corner of page.

Enter the username and password you’ve created in the registration process. When finished, click ‘Log On’.


Logging out of the Club Website:
It is strongly recommended to logout of the website when you are finished. Once logged into the website, the 'Member Login' button will change to 'Logout'. This button will end your session and return you back to the Website Home page.


Forgot Password:
If, at some point in the future you should forget your password, you can retrieve it by clicking on the 'Forgot Password' link within the Member Login area. From there, you will be required to enter the email address you provided during the registration process and click 'Reset Password'. An email will be sent to you including a link by which you can reset your password.


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Tennis Lessons
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